Konttorityö Ltd in brief

Founded in 1938, Konttorityö Ltd has exceptionally strong experience in providing first class data capturing solutions for healthcare sector.

We have been in dictation business since the 1960’s and worked with speech recognition for almost two decades. Data capturing solutions in our portfolio come from globally recognized market leaders Nuance and Philips, whose expertise ensures first-class product technology, competitiveness and support well into the future.

The amount of captured data in healthcare and welfare is immense. It is our priority to provide tools and methods for doctors to improve and streamline their everyday routines in using information systems. There hardly is more natural and easier user interface than each person’s own voice – giving commands, navigating and creating reports, not needing to use keyboard and mouse.

In any healthcare solution, usability and productivity are raised to a completely new level with speech recognition packed with voice commands and control. However, technology alone is not enough. To achieve a streamlined and polished workflow requires careful implementation and deployment. With a selected network of professional partners, we can provide dictation and speech recognition solutions seamlessly integrated into the most advanced health record systems. Only by understanding and managing the complete process a world-class user experience can be reached.